How does it work and what does the SATEXPERT software function

The "SATEXPERT SW" function, available for ROVER Series of instruments HD and PRO, is a valuable aid for a fast satellite antenna pointing to a wanted satellite.

Through text messages, which appear from time to time on the screen, the measuring instrument will indicate in which direction to move the satellite dish, to the east or to the west, until you reach the wanted satellite.

Here are the instructions to start the SATEXPERT application and an example for the pointing of a satellite dish to, in this case, the HOT BIRD satellite positioned at 13° East.

1 ) Press the VOLUME key and move to the CONFIGURATION MENU;


2 ) Press the ENTER key to confirm;
3 ) Select SAT, and then set the SATEXPERT menu entry to ON (if on the screen there is OPTIONAL this means that the application has not yet been activated in the instrument);


4 ) In SAT measurement mode, press the PLAN key and select the satellite you want to look for (in this example, the Hot Bird satellite positioned at 13° East - HBIR13);


5 ) Navigate to SPECT (Spectrum) and press the ENTER key to confirm;
6 ) Navigate in the field SPAN (top right of the screen) and select the "Satxprt" value;
7 ) Align the satellite dish. During the orientation process, check the messages that will appear at the bottom of the monitor;

8a ) For example the first message is: EUTE 9 < go east
The measuring instruments informs you that the satellite dish is oriented on the satellite EUTELSAT at 9° East and you have to move east to align the dish to HOT BIRD at 13° East;

8b ) Second message example: EUTE16 > go west
The instrument informs you that the satellite dish is oriented on the EUTELSAT satellite positioned at 16 degrees east and you have to move it to the west to point to the desired satellite (in our example HOT BIRD 13° East);


8c ) Third message example: HBIR13 FOUND !
The instrument informs you that the satellite dish is pointed on the HOT BIRD satellite positioned at 13 degrees East;


9 ) Next step is to press the SAT/MEAS key and optimizes the antenna pointing until it reaches the maximum value for the NOISE MARGIN (N.MARG).

IMPORTANT: The text messages that from time to time will appear on the screen of the instrument when moving the satellite dish to east or west, are bounded to the diameter of the used antenna: 60-80-90 cm etc.
Therefore, using antennas with a small diameter, the messages related to some satellites may not be reported.

NOTE: MENU (written and graphic) of the figures shown in the following “F.A.Q.” may vary from model to model without notice.

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