TABLE for available new SAT TRANSPONDERS-MEMORY PLANS (only for models currently in production)

Please find here below the list of the SAT TRANSPONDER (memory plans) available on the "Udate SW" area for the instruments in production:

Instrumts model: Update on al:
 ATOM LIGHT July 2016
 ATOM LIGHT Plus July 2016
 ATOM POWER July 2016
 DIGICUBE July 2016
 HD LIGHT July 2016
 HD TAB 4 Easy July 2016
 HD TAB 4 Touch July 2016
 HD TAB 7 STC July 2016
 HD TAB 7 Lite July 2016
 HD TAB 7 Evo July 2016
 HD FLASH July 2016
 HD TOUCH July 2016
 HD PRO July 2016
 HD TAB 9 July 2016
 HD PROTAB July 2016
 HD PROTAB New July 2016

  • Click here if you want to acces the "Update SW" area.

ATTENTION: The SATELLITE TRANSPONDERS in the memory plan for instruments no longer in production and not listed in the table (example ST-4 Series, EXAMINER Series, DM-16 Series, etc.), can be modified using the ROVER-SMART PRO PC interface program, or manually with the instrument itself.

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